Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Balding & Blowout updates

First, while my hair loss has slowed to normal pre-pregnancy shedding rates, Cayden is now really losing his beautiful black hair. There's a stripe of hair on his crib sheet(looks like Hercules dragged his butt puff across there, but I know he didn't), and now whenever I kiss the kid with lip gloss on, I get a mouthful of hair stuck to my lips.

It's starting to look not so cute. :( I just hope his hair figures out what it's doing in the next couple of weeks, before our family portraits with Scott Church on the 19th. We may have a bald baby by Christmas.

And on the poop front: this morning's blowout was completely army green, not French's yellow. Not sure how or why, but his poop has changed color.

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