Monday, November 2, 2009

Stand Tall

Within the past two weeks Cayden started standing. With support for balance, of course, but he holds his own weight. While a week ago he'd buckle at the knees after a few minutes, now he holds himself upright for long periods of time.

He's just shy of 14 weeks.

And here's a photo of my big baby. Compare this one to his one-month bath shot.


Becki said...

Congrats on the standing! He must be one strong little boy! I also wanted to share since we had that same baby bathtub...I kept using the sling thing too until I realized that the actual tub part had one side that said "newborn" (the inclined side) and the other that said "infant" (the seat). I realized that we could actually go ahead and take DS out of the sling and use the incline since he was getting so big in the sling (read: parts spilling out everywhere). It ended up working out great.

Liz and Brian said...

Becki -- how did you keep him from sliding down? We tried taking the sling out earlier this week, but he kept slipping off the little bump at the bottom of the incline!

Becki said...

Hmmm...I can't remember having that problem. I'm fairly certain that we moved him from the sling to the incline well before 3 months, and the bump did a good job of holding him up. I do remember that he used to hang his arms over the sides of the tub as if he was relaxing! Maybe this helped to hold him up. Sorry :(