Saturday, November 7, 2009

symptoms of teething

Excessive drool: Check.
Putting things in mouth and chewing: Check.

Now, all three-month olds do both of these and they're not reliable signs of teething, so I have been reluctant to agree when all the grandparents tell me Cayden is teething.

But yesterday, after Chicken Wing woke up from a 30-minute nap screaming and continued to cry while he nursed, I opened his mouth to find a little white spot on his lower gum. Not a tooth, but as soon as I found it Brian went online to look up symptoms of teething. Now these, I had not known about:

Ear pulling: Check. He's been pulling on his right ear for a few days. I was actually worried he had an ear infection.

More frequent stools: Check. After weeks of pooping every few days, yesterday he went three times in 24 hours.

And the little white dot on the gums: Check. Incidentally, it's on the same side as the ear he's been pulling.

Only time will tell, but we've got the baby Tylenol on the ready, and the teething toys are now in the freezer. He's a little over three months and one week old.

Sigh. I guess my baby isn't really into staying a baby. Good for him, I guess, but a little sad for me.

Here's my strong boy standing on his changing table this morning.

And yesterday.

And pulling his ear.

And this is what I found when I came up from putting laundry in yesterday afternoon. Crack me up. Pun intended. No idea how or why he got the back of his dipey pulled down so far.

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