Monday, November 30, 2009

Pumping Panic

OK, not a full-blown panic, but a mini-panic. When I first started back at work, I could easily pump 20+ ounces while away from my baby.

Over the past three weeks I've really noticed a drop-off, and today I only got 15.5 ounces out of my four pump sessions.

Now although we haven't dipped into the freezer stash at all yet, and what I'm pumping seems to be enough each day for Cayden, I'm concerned nonetheless. I don't want my supply to tank because I'm away from him, and I'm terrified of starting to defrost little milk baggies. I'd much rather the babysitters send home four to six ounces each day, like they were in the beginning.

Probably irrational concerns, but the decreasing pump production has weighed on my mind a lot lately.

So I've started chugging water at work, I'm returning to my once-daily oatmeal habit, I changed the little white thingies on the bottom of my pump flanges (maybe that's why six of them came with the pump??) and I ordered a near three-month supply of fenugreek, all in an effort to boost my supply.

If I start smelling like pancakes in the next few days, don't worry -- that means I'm getting the right amount of fenugreek. When it's saturating your system to effectively boost milk production, a person's pee and sweat will smell like maple syrup. Yummm.

And I'm looking forward to group on Thursday to ask Mary and the gals if this could be a natural reaction to his demand for milk. I seem to match what he takes in each day, so maybe his appetite has decreased over the past couple of weeks? That seems strange to me, though -- why would he eat less as he got older? Because he's not growing as fast as he was in the first three months? Hopefully I'll find answers on Thursday, or maybe on Friday at our four-month well visit with Dr. Baker.

On a completely unrelated topic, here's a picture of Cayden's now nearly-bald-except-for-two-ridiculously-long-patches-of-hair head. Compare that to the beautiful full-head swirl from just shy of 12 weeks. Oh I miss his beautiful dark hair, but I kinda wish what is left would just fall out already, so we can start over fresh, and all one decent-looking length. But I'm too chicken-shit to cut or shave his hair, for fear I'll be the horrible mom who did a hack-job on her innocent baby.

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