Thursday, November 19, 2009

A complete 360

Last night (3 months, 3 weeks old), Grammy said Cayden rolled from back to belly, twice. Grandude said he couldn't remember if it was back to belly or belly to back, but Grammy was sure it was back to belly, because he started fussing once he realized his one arm was lodged underneath him.

And then he did the roll for Dad tonight -- twice -- and finally Mama caught the third (or fifth) back-to-belly roll.

So now he can do a complete 360, since he started rolling belly-to-back back in month two. Granted, he doesn't roll all that often, but I wonder when he'll realize that he can go the whole way 'round and start rolling across the living room floor.

And once he gets good at the rolla and figures out how to pull that arm out from underneath him, I think he may start sleeping better, too. Because he really does nap well on his tummy, or so I'm told. Hey, once he puts himself on his tummy, then I'll be ok with him sleeping that way at night.

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