Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy? Maybe, but we'll be richer for it.

Or at least a little less poor.

We're seriously considering cloth diapering. "CD," that is, in baby-speak. OK, I'm seriously considering it, and Brian doesn't like the idea. Yet. Because he believes (really, get this) that somehow he'll be exposed to less poop if we use disposables. He's terrified of poop.

So I'm waiting to hear back from a local mom who is a CD supporter and merchant, and I'm hoping the info she has will sell him on the benefits.

First, it ends up saving LOTS of money, as compared to using disposables. It's a considerable up-front investment, but I'm talking a savings of a couple grand, even if you use them for just one child and don't try to sell them. If you use them for multiple kids and sell them afterward, we're talking multiple THOUSANDS of dollars. That speaks to the cheapskate in me.

Second, they're much better for the environment, since they don't require tons of non-biodegradable material to be buried in landfills. Literally, tons. Just for one kid over the course of a couple years. That speaks to the tree-hugger in me.

And finally, there are a number of arguments that they are better for the baby: the lack of chemicals (which are abundant in disposables) leads to much fewer cases of diaper rash, CD toddlers are faster and easier to potty train, etc. That speaks to the mom-to-be in me.

Now this is not the cloth diapering of my parents' time. No hankerchief-looking squares, no pins and no washing services. These things are pre-formed, pre-sized, scientifically advanced with ultra-absorbant natural (sometimes organic) materials, easy to use and CUTE!

It's too early to make any definitive decisions now, but I'm pretty much sold on the idea, from the little research I've done. Yes, it will mean more laundry, and yes, at some point there will be poop scraping into the toilet. But come on, considering the benefits and too-cute product names like Bum Genius, how could you NOT consider CD?

So, like I said, I'm waiting to hear back from a local expert. We'll likely get a consultation from her, and any family/friends who may be involved in the child care process are welcome to attend. And if Michelle is out there somewhere reading (or to those of you who see/talk to her regularly, let her know), more than one mom-to-be would be welcome as well. Just lemme know if you'd be interested in learning more.

By the way, when I told Brian about the consultation "party," his response was, "Oh great. So this is like Pampered Chef, but for baby sh!t?"


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