Saturday, January 31, 2009

What would you do?

We went out this morning to another local furniture store, Hornung's Rock A Bye Baby, to check out nursery furniture. This store is a small family-owned business, and they offer well-known, quality brands of nursery furniture, like Munire, Westwood Design and Childcraft. In comparison, Babies'R'Us (BRU, from now on) also offers quality furniture, but the lines that appeal to us are exclusive to BRU.

The three collections we're considering (two from Rock a Bye, one from BRU) all come to within $70 of each other at first glance for a crib, changing table/dresser combo and armoire. However, BRU offers 15 percent off any three pieces or more. But they charge for shipping, which I'm not sure we'd need, while Rock A Bye ships and moves the furniture into your nursery for free. Only other difference is negligable, but BRU charges $5 more for assembly of the crib.

After taking into consideration the discount, shipping charge, assembly fees and sales tax, the two Rock A Bye collections come out to around $1,700 each, while the BRU collection is just under $1,500.

As far as our preference, the BRU and one Rock a Bye collection are pretty much neck-and-neck. I LOVE the fluted post detail and the elegant lines on the BRU furniture, but reviews say the doors on the armoire don't open as far as they could for maximum access. I LOVE the Rock A Bye crib headboard and swing-out drawers on the combo, but the wood details aren't as appealing as BRU's. (The first image shows the color we like, but the armoire is missing. Second picture shows the armoire. And we're not interested in the hutch above the combo.)

And for what it's worth, the BRU furniture is made out of solid mahogany, while the Rock a Bye furniture is made out of solid pine.

So here's the dilemma: Do we go for the cheaper price, buy from the international chain conglomerate and put money into the pockets of corporate executives who likely live nowhere near here and are already filthy rich, OR do we support the local business, based on principal because they offer the convenience of shipping/set up at no additional cost and knowing the old woman (owner) and daughter who helped us today will benefit directly from the sale?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Lauren said...

I would always say go with the little guy, support your local small business. However, if this is something you want to put on your registry it may be easier to go with BRU.

Gunnar's Mom said...

We visited Rock-a-bye baby and loved the store. We got the Bonavita furniture and it was definately worth the cost.

Becki said...

Both sets are beautiful. This has nothing to do with the retailer, but I'd go for the solid mahogany furniture. I've heard that the pine scratches easily because it is a softer wood. If you're planning to keep it and turn it into a full size bed, I doubt if you want marks all over it from where your child has chewed it.