Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! (a few days late)

Our new year's eve was spent with Brett, Lynn, Brad, Katie, Jess & Dave. I polished off three O'Douls (which, by the way, really and totally suck) and stayed up until 12:30. OK, and I had a bit of champagne at midnight. Just a touch. Darling hubby missed the midnight kiss because he was shaking the weasel and checking text messages, but I've since forgiven him. After all, his sense of time was a bit affected at that point.

It was just what we were looking for -- good times with good friends, and a comfy place to crash. (Brian arranged in advance for us to take the guest bedroom, because of my delicate condition. He's so good to me.)

New Year's morning was spent chatting with Lynn & Katie and watching baby Avery, who is almost exactly the same age our little one will be next year at Christmas/New Year's. (The very hungover boys ate cookies and choked down coffee in supine positions.) I also made sure to check out Avery's nursery to start taking notes on furniture, storage and some of the nutso machines/gadgets every new mother and baby just MUST have.

As for how I'm feeling: in a nutshell, not pregnant. This has been a weird couple of weeks. I look the same as I always have, and now I'm feeling pretty normal. No nausea, no headaches, no food aversions, no frequent need to snack. Just a little tiredness and the occasional after-dinner bloat. I almost went to buy another POAS test just to see the two lines again, until Brian smartly informed me, "Doll, I think you're pretty much pregnant until somebody tells you you're not anymore." I'm thankful for the ease of the past two weeks, but I'm particularly looking forward to Tuesday's appointments, when we'll get another ultrasound. Just the reassurance my irrational "am I still pregnant?" mind needs.

Oh, and one more note. After suffering through the O'Douls, I asked Brian for one very simple, very small push present at the end of all this. A six-pack of Lancaster Brewing Co. Hop Hog. Mmmm, that will be wonderful. Enjoyed one beer at a time, of course, since I expect to be breast feeding, but enjoyed like nothing else. I have never so looked forward to a good beer in my life.

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