Friday, January 16, 2009

Double good news

Hershey's prenatal genetic counselor called yesterday, and we're in the "normal" range for risk of Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. There's always risk, but our risk is no higher than usual.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised this past week when I received in the mail two pairs of long maternity pants from Motherhood Maternity and one from Old Navy. Of course I ordered them, they didn't just send them to me. But that would have been nice. Anyway, they actually aren't that bad. In fact, they look good and fit pretty well. And the fact that maternity sizes tend to run large so I consequently take a MM small and ON extra-small didn't hurt. :) My sweet husband did point out, however, that if my "ass gets any bigger it certainly won't fit in those," my cute new courderoys.
And when I tried on the MM "secret fit" pants, a confused look crossed his face and he asked me, "what are you supposed to be, Catwoman?" Apparently he thinks these resemble a body suit, since there's no bump to wrap, yet. Ah, these little gems of entertainment keep me smiling all day long.

Enjoy the weekend!

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