Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pregnant, or a few too many devil dogs?

Yup, it's official: I'm now in that awkward stage where I don't look pregnant, yet, just a little chubby.

I grabbed one of my "old faithful" favorite pairs of jeans yesterday, and while they still buttoned and zipped (thanks to the low-rise), they made me look ridiculous, with a goofy muffin top spilling out the front. Then I tried another pair (you know, the slightly more forgiving "fat jeans"), and I still wasn't happy with the image in the mirror.

So I gave up on the jeans and went with warm-up pants.

It's sad for me to think I won't wear any of my jeans again for months. There they sit atop my closet shelf, neatly folded and stacked, and there they will remain -- untouched -- for months. My comfortable, flattering go-to pants are no longer such. Options no longer available, yet staring down at me every time I open my closet. I know we have lots of exciting stuff ahead -- much more meaningful than pants -- but I just felt it appropriate to take a moment and mourn the loss of my jeans.

Temporarily, that is. I will be back in those pants later this year. :)

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