Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brian made me post this - 17 Weeks

Check this out: in the past three days my mid-section has seen some serious expansion. Nothing compared to what's to come, I'm sure, but I think I've begun to "pop."

Brian took notice last night, so we decided we should take a picture today, even though it's an odd week.

Remember my comments early on about how posture and lighting make all the difference in the world? Brian wasn't hearing it this morning, and he threatened to spread rumors about me if I didn't post his choice of picture. And he scolded me: "Dude, it has taken more than four months for you to start getting a belly, and now you're going to put this picture up. End of story."

So today you get two pictures: Brian's favorite, followed by my pick. Note, however, that my work clothes still fit, and I slipped into a pencil skirt and cinched belt this morning. Granted, the skirt is a little tighter than usual, and the belt probably helps hold everything in, but I still don't think the belly in the first photo can be detected.

Nonetheless, it looks like dressing for work will become more and more challenging in the next week or so. And after Saturday's disappointing discovery, I bought a pair of maternity jeans online so I have something to wear out in State College in a couple of weekends.

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