Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2-month well visit & Cayden's first shot

Cayden's check up with Dr. Baker went very well!

He's 15 pounds, 11 ounces (97th percentile), 23 and 3/4 inches long (75th percentile), and his head is 16 and 1/4 inches around (60th percentile). All his parts seem to be in order, and all our concerns (weight, feeding, sleeping) are normal (yay!) and have no definitive answers (ugh).

But we were told specifically:

- Don't worry about the lack of poop until Friday, when we may want to try some anal stimulation with a thermometer, to give him something to "push against"

- Breastmilk is all he needs nutritionally until he's six months old (no water, no cow's milk, no Karo, no rice cereal). However, if he starts showing interest in our food (grabbing at it, opening his mouth when we do to eat) early, Dr. Baker may suggest starting to introduce solid foods as early as four months.

- Formula is perfectly fine for him and certainly won't harm him. (Brian's question) However, breastmilk is preferred and ideal, so if we have it and don't have any issues, he prefers we keep Cayden exclusively breastfed. And there is no science to support that formula will keep him fuller, longer.

- The only sleep position Doc recommends until Cayden can roll both ways -- front to back and back to front -- is on his back. That is, unless someone is watching him closely, maybe to put him to sleep on his belly, then roll him over once he's out.

- A simple, over-the-counter remedy for thrush is anti-fungal Vagisil, rubbed on the nips. Mama may or may not have a mild case, but Cayden's showing no symptoms; we just wanted to ask since we're heading out of the U.S. and finding/visiting a doc could prove challenging in the next couple of weeks.

Cayden had some baby Tylenol, then got one oral vaccination and one shot that are first doses to counter five diseases. He let out a little whimper when the needle went in his pudgy left thigh, but just a second later he was smiling at Dad again.

Now we'll watch and coddle him the rest of the day, in case he has any reactions to the vaccinations.

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