Monday, September 28, 2009

College football, post-partum

A couple of things worth noting, since they made this year's tailgating and game experience notably different than those of years past.

First, pumping during the tailgate wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. And since I wanted to get two good pumps in without dumping the milk (keeping it for our stash), pumping kept me from getting my drink on too early. A very good thing, since we tailgated for about 11 hours.

However, when people started peeing between our car doors to avoid trekking to the crowded porta-johns in the downpour, it made securing privacy a little more challenging. But I only got "walked in on" one time, and by 7:45, neither Bill nor I cared.

Secondly, although I've been doing my kegels and re-strengthening my girlie muscles by walking, they're not as strong as I thought they were! I only had one or two snissing experiences shortly after delivery, and I thought the pressure-induced incontinence was behind me. I was wrong. Apparently screaming at the top of your lungs exerts a whole lot more pressure down there than I thought it could, because I kept peeing myself little bits every time we got rowdy in the stadium. But I was absolutely drenched anyway (and half-tuned), so I didn't care. Just a lesson in personal physics I was quite surprised to learn.

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