Friday, September 18, 2009


Shorty is trying desperately to suck his thumb, and he's almost got it. A couple of times today he got it lodged in his mouth, but he doesn't have complete control of his arms, yet, so it popped out each time.

And if I thought thumb-sucking would have soothed me at all this afternoon, I would have tried it.

It was another rough afternoon.

When Brian took Cayden out for a drive to try to put him to sleep, I decided to mow the lawn, to get some fresh air, exercise and "me time" with my thoughts.

Ten minutes in, I ran over a bee's nest with the mower and a swarm of bees attacked me. Less than an hour after I had stopped wimpering about the baby, I was nearly inconsolable with at least three bee stings to my face and neck.

No joke. Talk about adding insult to injury. Like I said, another rough afternoon.

But I've had a big glass of wine, and Chicken Wing FINALLY went to sleep in his crib about an hour ago.

So we're hoping for a better night...

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