Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Talk

Toward the end of his fourth week, Cayden starting talking -- cooing, gurgling and making baby noises. Most of them are little yelps and sighs accompanied by smiles (they're definitely smiles, by the way), and dad is trying to catch the "active alert" stage on camera to share.

The first few weeks of parenthood is still one of the hardest, most frustrating and most exhausting experiences I've ever had, but the little developments really do give glimmers of hope and encouragement that keep me going. Like Mary the lactation consultant says, we're still in the dark tunnel, but we're beginning to see the light at the end.

No, I don't regret becoming a Mama (to answer Erin's question), regardless of how dark the dark times are. I'm just honest about those discouraging momments (or days), as I hope to be honest about all the exciting developments and rewards to come.

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