Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off the Grid

We're about to take off for two weeks in the Great White North (Canada, that is), so unless I find a free library connection somewhere in Perth, we'll be off the grid for two weeks. Back to the old-fashioned pen and paper for journaling and tracking milestones.

The trip up may prove an adventure, what with a nine week old, two cats, a used car-top carrier we just figured out yesterday and a car we've never taken on a long trip. But we're looking forward to some time alone on the lake as a little family. Then next week Grammy and Grandude Stackhouse will join us at the cottage for a big Canadian Thanksgiving.

But one more picture to share. How lucky are we that the brown-out of September '09 happened just before we left, rather than on the road? This took some SERIOUS clean up effort, and we would have had an absolute MESS on our hands if this had happened on the road. This is what eight days of poop build up looks like. And while poop in small doses doesn't really smell all that bad, this STUNK. (As do his toots, all of a sudden; really, he can clear a room.)

Really, sposies don't stand a chance against something like this, so we're taking some cloth diapers for nighttime, hoping his next blow-out happens early morning like the last two have.


Lesli said...

HOLY CRAP...literally! LOL! We had a big blow up once but not as big as your poor little guy. : ( I hope he is feeling better!!!

Nicole said...

I am SO thankful that didn't happen on Aunt Colie's nighttime duty last Friday!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my. Cannot wait to have one of my own. LOL. Hope you're enjoying your lake-side holidays on this side of the border!