Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pooping and Swaddling Milestones

Or not-pooping and not-swaddling milestones, more appropriately.

Cayden went with no poops for the past three days, and this morning he had the biggest blowout to date. He had been pooping at just about every feeding or diaper change, so this is a big drop-off. Quite normal for breastfed babies to see a dramatic decrease in poops anywhere from six weeks to three months of age. His little gut is just maturing, and the milk no longer irritates his insides. So it just hangs out for a few days.

He did blow out before we went to group this morning, so his weight gain wasn't as dramatic as it has been. He gained six ounces in the last week. I wonder what that diaper weighed. :)

And last night he slept unswaddled for the first time. Very peacefully, and in fact I wonder if he slept better than he had been sleeping in the swaddle. Came upon this milestone completely by accident, as Cayden spit up on his swaddle last night after Dad gave him a bottle, and Dad didn't know where the other clean one was. (I was sleeping) So Dad put him in the crib unswaddled, and Cayden was asleep almost immediately and kept his little chicken wings up by his head. Each of the two times I got up to feed him, he fell asleep within a half-hour of waking in the same position, unswaddled, in his crib.

Cayden is eight weeks old today.

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