Tuesday, July 21, 2009

40-week growth ultrasound

Well, he must be packed in there pretty tight -- ALL EIGHT POUNDS OF HIM!

Yup, the Med Center's best guess is that he's 8 pounds, give or take 19 ounces. So that means he's almost surely somewhere between 7 and 9 pounds.

And he seems to be doing fine in his cramped quarters: heartbeat was 129 beats per minute, and all his parts passed inspection.

Well, almost. It was difficult to get a picture of his face because his head is so far down, but the ultrasound tech did catch his profile. We saw him move his tongue and purse his lips. His seemingly very big lips. I mean as soon as the ultrasound tech left the room we both turned to each other and said "did you see how big his lips are?" I turned this image on its side so you can see the profile without craning your neck. He's looking to the left. The white stripe across the middle is his tongue.

So in the past week we've seen a really chubby chin, fat cheeks and now surprisingly big lips. Granted, his face is all smooshed down there so he may end up looking cute and proportional, but at this point I'm not banking on any newborn modeling gigs for baby boy. But we'll love him nonetheless.

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