Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One dejected daddy

Just got home from my 40-week appointment. Yes, home; not back at work. Because there's no sense running into work for 45 minutes just to run back home, pick up Brian and head to the hospital for our 11:20 ultrasound.

First, the standard details: 1/2 pound weight gain from last week, BP of 102/66 and a strong heartbeat. In fact, Amy let Brian do the dopplar, so he found the heartbeat.

But the fundal height is still low (37 cm), so Amy decided it's best to schedule one more growth ultrasound at the Med Center. No reason for worry, rather she just wants to make sure he's packed away in the back of my torso, rather than not growing as he should.

Oh, and I've made no progress from last week with regard to any further cervical dilation or effacement. Still at 1 cm and 80 percent.

So assuming everything looks good at this morning's ultrasound, we have induction scheduled for 6 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29. Which really disappointed Brian. I misunderstood Amy last week when she said they won't let me go beyond 41 weeks. I thought she meant they won't let me go beyond July 29, the day I hit 41 weeks, when really she meant they won't let me go beyond August 4, which would be the last day of my 41st week.

So I kinda sorta may have led Brian to believe we could possibly schedule induction for later this week. But we learned this morning that we can't, and now he's beside himself because the anticipation is likely going to kill him for another week. I've never seen him so dejected. And if I do get induced next Wednesday, it looks next to impossible for Brian to attend his college friend's wedding in northeast PA on Saturday, Aug. 1.

So for now, we just keep waiting.......

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