Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Modern Diapers: a Company Rave

Just want to share a super-crazy-positive endorsement for Lillian and her cloth diaper business, Modern Diapers.

Brian and I met with Lillian months ago, when I first started considering cloth diapers, and she has been an absolutely wonderful resource and refreshingly pleasant salesperson ever since.

Not only has she directly responded to the questions I've asked of her, but she's also offered advice I didn't know I needed. For example, when I posted on a local message board about organizing my changing table, she saw my reference to Desitin and quickly cautioned me that using the diaper cream (made with fish oil) will make all my diaper laundry smell like rotting fish!

In addition to being ever-available and eager to answer any and all questions related to cloth diapers, Lilian has been a great proponent of her business. She has never been pushy or over-eager to make the sale, and she's as willing to promote the CD businesses of other companies she trusts, as much as her own. My experience ordering and receiving all my diapers and accessories from Lilian was fantastic. She was kind enough to offer a few price discounts for my order (I didn't find better prices anywhere), she didn't charge me shipping and she was very responsive to my one inquiry as to the status of part of my order. In fact, she offered another discount when one of the products I ordered ended up becoming unavailable (at no fault of her own), and therefore late for delivery.

And the unexpected surprises with my order have just put my positive experience over the top. The hand-written thank you note, the organic lollipops (yummy!!), the samples of cloth diaper detergent. I got the last of my order last night, and at the bottom of the box I found a small tub of natural diaper rash cream, safe to use with cloth diapers. I hadn't ordered this stuff, rather Lillian surprised me with something she knew I was curious about and could use!

Talk about a businesswoman committed to superior customer service.

I only wish I knew more people in the market for cloth diapers, so I could refer them all to Lillian!

The last part of my order: two wet bags. These snazzy waterproof sacks are used to transport dirty diapers while on the go. I'll simply stick soiled diapers in a wet bag, which fits in the diaper bag, and forget about it until I get home and can throw the diapers and bag into the laundry.

Click here to see how we're diapering baby boy when he's an infant, click here to see the diapers we'll use on him when he gets to be at least 10-12 pounds, click here for a list of all our CD supplies and click here to read about why we're doing cloth diapers.

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