Thursday, June 4, 2009

WooHOOO! (one example of how my interests and excitements have DRASTICALLY changed in the past seven months)

(in a sing-song voice): Guess what's on the waa-aay...

30 DSQ prefolds, three Bummi Whisper Wraps, three Prorap Classics, six Snappis, two wet bags, two Wahmies pail liners and 20 Bum Geniuses!!!!!!

What does that mean for the laypeople? DIAPERS AND ALL THE ACCESSORIES!

That's right, folks, $499.63 has gotten us just about everything we could possibly need for the cloth diapering effort, and BOY am I excited to start getting this stuff in the mail!! Only thing left to purchase is flushable liners, but we won't need those for a few months anyway, after baby boy starts consuming things other than breast milk.

Well, I'm also going to buy two boxes of environmentally friendly disposable diapers. A few CD moms who have been through this before caution that I will appreciate the easy back-up at first, so I don't pressure myself too much on the diapering front while I'm learning all kinds of other lessons in the first few days.

Soon begins the washing effort. The pre-folds -- old-fashioned diapers, which will be used until baby boy is more than 10 or 12 pounds -- each need to be pre-washed a few times to soften them and maximize absorbancy. And the BGs and their inserts each need to be washed once before they go on a baby butt. And then they can all be folded and organized in the changing table!

Perspective is a funny thing.

If you had asked me a year ago what I was most looking forward to in June, the answer would have been either getting schnookered at Sarah and Patrick's wedding or getting schnookered on Colleen & Greg's boat, then getting uber-schnookered at the Harrisburg beer fest.

This June? Yeah, I'm most looking forward to WASHING, PLAYING WITH AND ORGANIZING DIAPERS!! And supporting Nicole and Will as they marry, of course.

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