Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little order in what promises to be chaos

As most of you know, I appreciate organization and order. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Last night I experienced the immense satisfaction that comes only from organization done well.

After putting together a list of all the drops, salves, lotions and tools that would be handy to have nearby the changing table, I went to Walmart to stock up on supplies. There, I realized I'd need some sort of basket or organizer to keep these things orderly and convenient to grab. At first, I reluctantly grabbed an $18 three-pack of wicker baskets, disappointed at their sizes, color and shapes, but disinterested in shopping around to find the perfect baskets. But then somehow I ended up in the craft aisle, where I fell upon the most perfect changing station/baby first-aid organizer EVER!

It's intended as a craft organizer, but this thing couldn't be more perfect for an all-in-one baby kit. It has big pockets for lotion, rubbing alcohol, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream and hand sanitizer; mid-size outer pockets ideal for nail-trimming tools, hairbrush, a nasal aspirator, thermometer and a tube of lanolin, little side pockets for Tylenol, Motrin, nose and gas drops; a thin middle pocket that's perfect for the eat/sleep/poop journal and a couple of books; removable see-through pouches just right for keeping cotton swabs and Q-tips clean; and a long, side zip-pouch in which binkies, teethers and assorted other items fit.

AND, this thing has handles, so it's an easy pick-up-and-go station for when baby boy spends overnights out of the house. Not a huge fan of the black and polka-dots, but other than that, how perfect is this $16 organizer?!?!

And yes, we'll wash the changing pad covers again before baby boy arrives and try to keep Spike off of what he thinks is his new bed.

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