Monday, June 1, 2009

The baby shower, from Hercules' point of view

Apparently, the little shit thinks mom disappeared for a few hours on Saturday and came back with a boat-load full of new things for him to play with and sleep in.

My baby shower on Saturday was absolutely wonderful. My mom took the lead, and Lauren and Jess each helped a great deal in planning and setting up. And Nicole was very helpful in keeping things moving with the gifts. :) Thanks again to all of you.

And a million thanks to everyone who attended, tried to attend and/or shared your great generosity with me, the baby and Brian. We're very touched and so grateful this baby will be surrounded by such loving family and friends.

I'll be sure to share some shower pics as I get them. But for now, a few after-shower pics.

No pics of this "product test," but as soon as Jeff and Lauren finished putting together the stroller Saturday night, Hercules jumped in the bottom of it, and Erin pushed him around the family room for a while. He was perfectly content to ride around.

Then from 7 a.m. until about 4 p.m on Sunday I unpacked, assembled, organized, set up, washed and cleaned up after all the wonderful gifts we hauled up into the nursery Saturday evening. On a mission, I plowed through just about everything, and now each item is in its rightful place.

Hercules was intent on making my job that much harder, as he CONSTANTLY got in the way and made messes for me to clean up. He threw my little cup of baby shower m&m's on the floor THREE TIMES.

And he did this:

Since the new baby tub came with a soft little hammock for an infant, Hercules assumed we got him a new bed, then conveniently placed it in a dark space for him to catch some zzzz's.

Then he decided the new mattress cover was more to his liking:

And he finished the afternoon watching me from the glider, where he found his favorite new toy, the teddy bear Michelle got for baby boy. Hercules really likes snuggling with the teddy bear.

But this morning -- after a long, exciting weekend -- I sure feel like I got hit by a truck. I think it will be early-to-bed most of this week.

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