Monday, June 22, 2009

The Home Stretch

Just over four weeks to go. Maybe.

Still feeling great, except for a few things:

First, baby boy is constantly digging or kicking up behind my ribs during the day. Uncomfortable. And he really doesn't like it when I try to push him back down, for some relief.

Secondly, I'm not sure if it's a little bit of a cold, or some weird third-trimester nasal thing, but every morning for the past week or so I have awakened with a congestion headache. After less than an hour of being vertical it goes away, but it makes for a grumpy wake-up.

And finally, who knew turning over in bed would become such a production. To turn from one side to the other is not only slightly painful (can't really stand more than a few seconds on my back, and it feels like a ton of bricks thumping over to the other side), but now is almost always cause for me to get up and pee, first.

Also took what I think is my last road-trip before baby boy's arrival, yesterday. Although it was a bit breezy and cool in the morning, tailgating and the game were fun. The ride home was not-so-much fun, but only because an overly concerned drunk Brian is infinitely more annoying than the typical, overly concerned, sober Brian I've come to appreciate.

And for anyone who's interested, here are my rankings, with regard to queer-beer preference:
1. Labatt Blue n/a: tastes a lot like the normal stuff, and a the second and third one still tasted as good as the first.
2. Beck's n/a: tastes almost exactly like Becks, but I'm only a big fan of this one on a really hot day.
3. Excaliber (by Guinness): Good. Not a stout, but a decent-tasting n/a

I've also tried O'Douls since getting pregnant, and I wouldn't recommend that swill to anyone. It tastes like crap and has some pretty nasty "after-effects."

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Mayday28 said...

ICK what is the point in drinking beer if it doesnt have any alcohol? HAHAHA, do you crave it? Are they still telling you 4 weeks?