Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yay for mail!!!

The mailman, the Fed Ex delivery guy and the UPS driver are three of my favorite people of late. I get so excited for the presents they deliver to our house!!

Well, I guess since I ordered and paid for them, they're not really "presents," but it's exciting to get all this stuff, anyway.

Yesterday's mail brought with it 20 Bum Genius Diapers and two Hooter Hiders nursing covers.

The Hooter Hiders, which I got through a buy-one-get-one-free deal. I ordered the pattern on the left; the one on the right was a surprise pattern they picked for my order. Baby care essentials? No, but they were inexpensive and cute. And they come with a little terrycloth corner (bottom right) that doubles as a pocket for nursing pads and a burp cloth/spit-up cleaner-upper.

And the diapers. Undeniably cute.

First load of Bum Genius wash:

OK, I couldn't resist.

Now I'm just waiting on two wet bags (diaper accessories) and two Miracle Blankets (swaddling blankets) to arrive, and that should be it for mail orders!

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Mayday28 said...

oh you are too funny with that teddy bear, getting your practice in b4 baby comes? So have you narrowed down names anymore? Just curious b/c of what the doc told you.