Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YIKES, this bun is baked!

At 37 weeks, baby is considered full-term. Or, as one of the Web sites I've seen puts it, "that means you could literally give birth at any moment to a fully developed baby."

Wow, that's in-your-face.

I gotta be honest: I kinda feel like I'm kicking ass at this pregnancy thing. Flat shoes, swollen ankles and sleep discomfort be damned -- I'm feeling great and looking pretty darn good.

The longer this pregnancy lasts, the better, I say. After all, the impending and unavoidable alternative to being pregnant -- a real baby -- is suddenly very intimidating. But I guess I've got to come to grips with the new reality that will beset us in what could be days.

I'm still hoping he stays inside until at least July 22. And late-in-the game guesses as to my due date and baby boy's stats are welcome -- just click the orange ExpectNet link to the right.

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