Friday, June 26, 2009

Three teary moments in one day

What started out a not-so-great day ended up a pretty darn good day, today.

I first got emotional this morning on the way to work. I creamed a chipmunk with the RAV4. Silly thing ran into the middle of the road, then tried to cross back and went smoosh under my tires. So I cried a little on the way to work.

But while the first tears of the day were sad, the second and third emotional moments were happy.

My wonderful boss and coworkers surprised me today with a baby shower over lunch. They snuck around planning, decorating and even sneaking Brian into the office -- all literally steps from my office door -- and completely took me by surprise. I thought Steph (my boss) had left for lunch plans, so when Nancy (the Secretary's executive assistant) came over to say the big boss wanted to see one of us, I walked into the party completely shocked and a little confused, for a split-second. So I teared up a bit for the second time today, before pulling it together to chat, joke and eat with all these wonderful folks over lunch. I'm so grateful to work with such caring people. And generous people! A number of them got gifts for baby boy and I, and the whole gang went in on a very generous Babies'R'Us gift card.

And although Brian had to leave before the party was over -- after all, I thought he was going to be IN State College by noon to kick of a weekend with the Millersville boys -- it was really neat to be able to quickly show him my office. It was the first time he'd seen where I disappear to for 40+ hours a week.

So it was a good afternoon. :)

Then I had to run home briefly after work before heading up to my parents' for dinner. When I got home, I greeted the cats and got their dinner out, then saw a card propped up on the kitchen island for me. Brian left the most beautiful card for me, so I melted into tears for the third time today.

Even though the chipmunk started the day off on the wrong foot and a couple of work experiences challenged my patience today, it ended up being a really, really good day. One of those days that just kind of glows in your memory as, well, just plain neat.

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