Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clarification of a few points

I'm not interested in entertaining a discussion on first amendment rights or sparking a debate on social media and its role in personal vs. professional lives. Not right now, at least. However, I do want to clarify the following.

1. I take my job very seriously, and I continually strive to meet and exceed professional expectations. I'm proud of the quantity and quality of work product I put forth.

2. My personal life and my professional life do not exist independently of each other; I am one person, and my values, character and principles of self do not change when I walk into or out of the office.

3. Neither my employer's standards of conduct nor my own professional ethics prohibited or precluded me from participating in or sharing my maternity photos. I understand some people may find the photos distasteful, and I respect opinions that differ from mine. However, I personally find the experience they captured and the images themselves beautiful, and therefore I chose to share them in my own public forum. Regardless of who sees them -- my parents, my pastor, my bosses, my critics and everyone in between -- I'm proud of the photos. So after careful consideration and for the aforementioned reasons, the photos are staying on the blog. I have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrased about.

Thank you, readers, for respecting my personal appreciation for artistic expression, even if you disapprove of the images.

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