Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tick, tick, tick

Mowed the lawn for probably the last time for another couple of months today. Last mow for baby boy for probably eight or 10 years.

Brian is getting really anxious. He wants baby boy to come out tonight. I'm happy if he stays on the inside for another couple of Saturdays.

Tiredness is definitely coming back. Saturday I was yawning like crazy four hours after I woke up. But then managed to stay up celebrating Katie's birthday until about 12:30. I did lay down mid-afternoon and doze in and out for about 45 minutes.

The belly seems heavier in the past few days. A little harder to pick my legs up to step into pants, and considerably more difficult to sit up in bed at night to get up to pee.

Breast pump was ordered, and maxi pads were stocked this weekend, too. And the nursery got one more vacuum, dusting and laundering. Door is closed, and the room is off-limits to the four-leggeds until after baby boy comes home.
Last to-do I can think of is to find some sugar-free hard candies to take with me to the hospital, to keep my mouth moist during labor.

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