Sunday, July 26, 2009

No I haven't had the baby, yes I'm still here.

I'm debating making a sign that says as much and taping it to my office door tomorrow. Because I'm kind of dreading another round of questions and inquisitive looks at work. Brian is trying to convince me to make tomorrow my last day at work, but I don't see the point in sitting home Tuesday, going stir crazy.

Tried just about every labor-inducing trick in the book this weekend (except castor oil; Brian's research on that one scared him a little), to no avail. Did lose more mucous plug Thursday and Friday, and I think I finally identified some Braxton Hicks Saturday night at the Grantville carnival. But no signs that anything is moving anytime soon.

Friday night saw a mini-meltdown and a lot of frustrated tears. Turns out watching shows about babies and birth experiences is not a great idea for someone who wants nothing more than to meet her own baby.

Look folks, I'm just as surprised and increasingly disappointed not to have a baby by now. I know everyone means well, but the same question wares on me after time, ya know?

Two more days. Two more days. Two more days...

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