Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chicken Wing certainly is growing!

Cayden gained nine ounces in one week!! He weighed in at 8 lbs., 13 oz. at yesterday's pediatrician appointment, where we met Dr. Baker.

I guess breastfeeding is working out well for the little guy. Brian says he can tell Cayden is plumping up in the face.

Dr. Baker says Chicken Wing looks and sounds great, except for two minor issues. He has a slight infection in his left eye -- I noticed the yellow crusties and goo for a couple of days -- and while his circumcision was healing very well, it was healing a bit "high." So we got a prescription ointment for the eye infection (common in the first weeks after delivery), and Dr. Baker tweaked the weenie a little bit to reopen the scab and encourage it to heal "lower." Cayden doesn't mind the eye ointment, but he sure disliked the weenie tweaking. His lungs got a good workout yesterday afternoon.

And Dr. Baker and I briefly reviewed my proposed alternate vaccination schedule, he offered me a couple more resources on vaccine news and info and we agreed to discuss in further detail at our next appointment, at two months old and at the end of September. That's when Cayden will get his first shots, and Dr. Baker (who I keep calling "the vet" for some reason) agreed to review my schedule in further detail and provide his own comments then. Doc is a traditionalist who openly "trusts the experts" and advocates the traditional vaccination schedule put forth by the CDC/AAP. However, his primary goal is getting children vaccinated, so he is willing to review and adopt a parent's alternate vaccination schedule, so long as it achieves the same goal.

Oh, and here are some pics that illustrate how and why Cayden got his nickname. Look at him showing off the chicken wings!! (Dad calls them pipes)

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Dawn said...

SOOO adorable, Liz! His little face is filling out and getting pudgy! Can't wait to see him!