Monday, August 10, 2009

Making the switch

Now that Cayden's circumcision has healed, we made the switch to cloth diapers this morning. Cayden is 13 days old.

And on a completely unrelated note, Chicken Wing has hair on the outside of his ears! I first noticed it a few days ago. His little hairy ears look like elf ears.

Oh, and the Snuggle Nest isn't a cure-all. Cayden's last few nights have been a little rough, as it seems Chicken Wing gets some pretty serious gas pains that wake him up every couple of hours. But we're learning tricks to help him squeeze out the toots and poops, and the books say this is a common problem that works itself out in the first couple of months as a baby's digestive system gets used to working.


Lillian said...

Awww! Take lots of pic of him in his tiny diapers:)

Cayden said...

Since I am breast feeding, have you done any research to see if there are foods you can eat or avoid eating that might make my gas less severe? I'd hate to think that I will be blessed with my Grand-Dude Stackhouse's gastrointestinal issues for the rest of my life!