Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing the bottle

Tonight, at 14 days old, Cayden had his first bottle of breastmilk while Mama napped. Dad says he gulped all three ounces down in six minutes, including burp sessions. Doc says he should only take 1-3 oz. per feeding, but Dad says he easily could have taken four or more ounces.

And Dad says Chicken Wing didn't swallow nearly as much air as he does when he breastfeeds. Hopefully the Avent bottles will work well for us. Routine will become breastfeeding all day long, and a bottle or two at night, so Dad can feed him. And probably a few more bottles this weekend, as Mama celebrates her birthday weekend.

The gas pains didn't seem quite as bad today, but we did pick up some gripe water from Target and order a couple of bottles of natural, homeopathic tummy remedy ColicCalm online. We'll see if either of these help his gas issues.

Tomorrow we may run to Borders to check out a couple of breastfeeding books and a book or two recommended by friends.

Here's a pic of Chicken Wing sleeping today.

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