Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicken Wing's first trip to the liquor store

Well, the supermarket, Burlington and the liquor store, to be more precise. Hey, a lot of friends are coming to meet him over the next three days, and all Dad stocked over the last eight-plus months is his own Canadian whiskey. So we replenished the bar basics while Dad worked.

But Cayden did great. Did half the trip in the Baby Bjorn, then put him back in the car seat for the supermarket run. He slept the whole time. Fed him as soon as we got home, and then he watched me prep an appetizer and dinner for Dad's return home.

Oh, and I started pumping today. Already one 4 oz. bag of milk in the freezer! Took two feedings to get 4 oz. (baby on one side; pump on the other), but the Ameda works well.

Cayden is eight days old.

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