Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A morning of firsts

7:15 a.m: first diaper change pee spray on Mama

9:55 a.m.: first diaper change pee spray on Dad

11:15: first hour of fresh air in the big wide world, as Mama walked the neighborhood with Chicken Wing in the stroller.

The past two or three days have been much better than our first couple of days home from the hospital. We're all sleeping in decent windows of at least two to three hours, now, and yesterday Cayden started feeding pretty regularly in three hour increments. Things are definitely looking up! As evidenced by my daily to-do lists. I never thought I'd have to put something as simple as "trim fingernails" (mine) on a list, but Friday and Saturday were so overwhelming I never thought I'd remember or get to that simple task.

Newborn photo session with Jeff and Jodie went very well last night, as Cayden was the near-perfect prop -- err, model -- for two hours. Can't wait to see the results!! And so glad we did them early, because Dad thinks Cayden's looks are starting to change already: his hair is a little different and his face may be filling out.

Hoping to set up a photo sharing account today so anyone who has photographed Chicken Wing can upload the pics for everyone to see and so Mama and Dad have access to all of them.

Cayden is six days old.

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