Monday, August 24, 2009

Healthy, just heavy

Dr. Baker confirmed this morning that Cayden is quite healthy, just growing faster than the average baby. This morning, at three weeks and six days old, he weighed 11 lbs., 6 oz., which is 13 ounces more than he weighed six days ago. So while his growth isn't quite as fast as what it was between weeks two and three, he's still gaining more than 2 oz. per day.

Turns out, however, babies can get too heavy too fast, and that's why he called us in for the appointment. But the problem becomes when babies retain fluid and that's the cause of the weight gain. Not the situation for us; Cayden is gaining fat, bone and muscle.

Dr. Baker said to keep doing what we're doing. Chicken Wing's appetite the past couple of days hasn't been quite as challenging as it was those few days last week, so hopefully we're on the downswing of this growth spurt.

And he slept for three hours yesterday afternoon and another three hours last night -- the first time he's done that in over a week.

Oh, and the tiny red rash Cayden developed in the last three days on the insides of his little butt cheeks are caused by constant contact with moisture, says the doc. He checked out our natural diaper rash cream (OK by him, as long as Cayden's boobies don't start growing more, which has been very rarely reported as a side effect of tea tree oil) and said to "air him out" as much as possible during the day, to help clear up the redness.

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